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Android and iOS board games with Tabletopia

Tabletopia for Mobile Platforms

Features and possibilities for Designers and Publishers

Tabletopia Mobile is available for both iOS and Android and can be download from App Store and Google Play. The app is accessible to players for free.

Online, Hotseat and Solo modes are available.




Available features for Publishers:

  1. Publish games in mobile app for personal or public use.
  2. Share unique activation codes with certain users for playtesting, demonstration, and promotion of games on tablets.
    Note: Both features are available for Workshop PRO members only. You also can find details in Tabletopia Mobile Publisher’s manual.

If you want to add your game to Tabletopia Mobile catalog, please contact us via info@tabletopia.com




Monetization of mobile games

You can make your game or some setups Premium to receive royalties from it. Read more about our monetization scheme here.  


Expanding Game Library

The catalog of available games on Tabletopia Mobile will grow gradually. Currently we are porting games best fit for mobile play from our 1700+ strong catalog. With time more types of games will be added.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at
info@tabletopia.com .