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25 Apr 2024

Announcing 15 More Exciting New Mobile Games for April 2024!

Discover a Diverse Selection of 15 Fresh Releases on Tabletopia Mobile!

Get ready for another round of exhilarating gaming experiences! Building upon the momentum of previous announcements, Tabletopia's mobile app is proud to unveil an additional 15 captivating titles for the year 2024! Whether you're a devoted Android user or an avid iOS fan, these new arrivals promise boundless excitement. Seamlessly playable on both tablets and smartphones, these immersive games are set to accompany you on your journeys wherever you may wander. Without further ado, here's a closer look at the latest additions:

  • Wingspan Asia 
    Размах крыльев: Азия
    Wingspan Asia expands the popular board game Wingspan by introducing bird species native to Asia. Players continue to build their avian habitats, strategically placing bird cards to attract different species and gain points. With new bird abilities and a focus on Asian biodiversity, Wingspan Asia offers fresh gameplay experiences for enthusiasts of the base game.

  • Paper Tales 
    Paper Tales
    In Paper Tales, players draft cards representing various units, buildings, and events to construct their own medieval kingdoms over several rounds. Each card contributes to the player's economy, military strength, or victory point generation. The game features an innovative aging mechanism, where cards become more powerful or weaker over time, adding depth to strategic planning.

  • Point Salad 
    Point Salad
    Point Salad is a fast-paced card-drafting game where players collect vegetable cards to create combinations that score points. Each card can be used in multiple scoring categories, providing players with flexibility in their strategies. With simple rules and quick gameplay, Point Salad offers accessible fun for casual and experienced gamers alike.

  • Ready Set Bet 
    Ready Set Bet
    Ready Set Bet immerses players in the world of horse racing, where they compete to make the most profitable bets on various races. Players must analyze race statistics, consider betting odds, and strategically allocate their resources to maximize their earnings. The game captures the excitement and unpredictability of the racetrack in a strategic and engaging format.

  • Mycelium
    In Mycelium: A Mushling Game, players aim to expand their network of mycelium pathways and gather 10 Nutrients to win. By strategically managing Mushling Cards, players can use abilities, attack opponents' paths, and construct new ones. Connecting mycelium pathways to Nutrient Trees in the center of the board is crucial. Success in the Mycelium Forest hinges on forward-thinking strategy, always planning one turn ahead.

  • Apiary 
    In Apiary, players control one of twenty unique factions of highly advanced honeybees known as Mellifera. Set in a far-distant future where humans have vanished, these bees have evolved to fill the void left behind. Through worker placement and hive-building mechanics, players explore planets, gather resources, develop technologies, and create carvings to demonstrate their faction's strength over the course of a year's Flow. However, with the impending Dearth looming, players must strategize carefully to thrive and secure victory points before their workers hibernate. Will you lead your faction to prosperity or mere survival?

  • The Red Cathedral The Red Cathedral
    The Red Cathedral transports players to medieval Russia, where they compete to contribute the most to the construction of the iconic St. Basil's Cathedral. Through resource management, strategic planning, and clever building placement, players strive to earn the favor of the Tsar and leave their mark on Moscow's skyline. With its unique theme and engaging gameplay, The Red Cathedral offers a captivating experience for history buffs and board game enthusiasts alike.

  • Lords of Vaala 
    Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala
    Lords of Vaala plunges players into a rich fantasy world where they vie for dominance over the kingdom of Vaala. Through conquest, diplomacy, and resource management, players build armies, fortify strongholds, and forge alliances to expand their influence and claim the throne. With its immersive world-building and strategic depth, Lords of Vaala offers an epic gaming experience for fans of fantasy and strategy.

  • Ghost Letters
    Ghost Letters
    Ghost Letters is a deduction game where players take on the roles of detectives trying to solve a crime. They must identify the three true clues among twelve, while one player acts as the Ghost providing hints, and another player serves as the Murderer, attempting to mislead the investigation. With multiple roles and special abilities, the game offers diverse and engaging gameplay.

  • Kriegsspiel 
    Kriegsspiel is a historical wargame that simulates military conflicts with a focus on realistic tactics and command decisions. Players strategize movement, plan engagements, and resolve battles using rules grounded in historical warfare. With its emphasis on historical accuracy and strategic thinking, Kriegsspiel appeals to history enthusiasts and wargaming aficionados seeking a challenging and authentic gaming experience.

  • Homeworld
    Homeworld Fleet Command is a competitive tactical miniatures board game where 1-4 players assume the roles of admirals commanding either the Kushan or the Taiiidan fleets. Players engage in battles for supremacy across the stars, controlling various ships like fighters, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, and powerful capital ships to dominate the battlefield.

  • Hiollywood 1947 
    Hollywood 1947
    Hiollywood 1947 invites players to step into the glamorous world of post-war Hollywood, where they navigate the studio system, manage celebrity actors, and produce blockbuster films. By balancing creativity, finances, and industry connections, players compete to become the most successful studio mogul of the era. With its nostalgic setting and engaging gameplay, Hiollywood 1947 offers a cinematic gaming experience that captures the allure of classic Hollywood.

  • Old Mage 
    Old Mage
    Old Mage thrusts players into a fantasy realm where ancient sorcerers vie for supremacy through magical duels and mystical quests. Players harness arcane energies, summon powerful creatures, and master ancient spells to overcome their rivals and claim dominion over the land. With its rich lore and strategic depth, Old Mage offers a captivating journey into a world of magic and intrigue.

  • Twin raiders
    Twin raiders
    Twin raiders is a strategy game in which you will have to explore and find the best path to reach the idols hidden in the lost temple.

  • Alynthia 
    Alynthia is a fantasy strategy game where players lead factions of heroes on a quest to conquer the mythical realm of Alynthia. Through strategic deployment of troops, tactical combat maneuvers, and diplomatic negotiations, players seek to expand their territories and vanquish their rivals. With its immersive world-building and strategic gameplay, Alynthia offers an epic fantasy adventure for gamers seeking to command armies and shape destinies.

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