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14 May 2024


Game-of-the-year winner, Feudum is back with the 7th anniversary collector's edition featuring an exclusive clockwork behemoth!

🎉 Fantastic news, everyone! 🎉

The special Septennial Edition of Feudum has officially launched, and it's time to dive into the excitement! If you haven't already, head over to Gamefound to explore this incredible project celebrating the 7th anniversary of Feudum!

The special edition features a stunning metal clockwork behemoth statue, destined to become a prized possession for any fan. Plus, you can even get your hands (or feet) on Behemoth socks! Don't miss out on these awesome add-ons available on the project page!

But wait, there's more! Learn about game with the NEW and spectacular "How to Play Feudum" video. And don't forget that you already can dive into Feudum Multiverse with Tabletopia:

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