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15 Aug 2023

Back to the roots with a reinvention of Fighting Fantasy series!

Announcing Fighting Fantasy Adventures by Martin Wallace

Back in 1980s and 1990s, FIghting Fantasy was an extremely popular adventure book series that mixed Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style storytelling with a dice-based role-playing element included within the books themselves. Now Martin Wallace revives the classic system in a completely new format: this is a card game, letting you experience the stories in a whole new way. We are glad to publish a sample adventure of this system.

You can play with up to three friends, in a co-operative format or just play Solo. Gameplay is easy to learn and engaging, downtime is minimal, and your characters will gain new abilities after each adventure. The card-based system lets you have the feel of a Role-Playing game, without the need for a Games Master. The map is revealed as you play and event cards tell you what you have discovered.

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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