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18 Apr 2023

Plan and build a sprawling MICRO metropolis!

Announcing Micro Architects

Micro Architects is a 1-4 player, city-building game which takes 30-60 minutes to play. As a city architect, your role is to plan the layout of your city, build landmarks, provide services, manage residents and deal with random events that affect your city.


Micro Architects components


The game is played over 3 rounds with players scoring after each round. On your turn pick a building from the ones set up at the beginning of a round and place it on your city board and try to create patterns based on goal cards. When picking a landmark, take a landmark tile to go with it and try to fulfill its requirements. After filling up a whole district with buildings, gain a boat. 2 boats let you acquire a service for your city which makes it more attractive to the residents.


Micro Architects player boards


The game ends after the scoring phase for round 3. The player with the most points is the winner and becomes the chief architect!


Micro Architects on Tabletopia


Coming soon to Gamefound!

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