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07 Feb 2018

Tabletopia Goes Mobile

We now run on iOS tablets

We are excited to announce that we have launched the Beta version of Tabletopia on Tablets!
Download Tabletopia for iPads now.

Tabletopia Mobile now runs on iOS Tablets (Apple iPad Mini 2 or higher) and is accessible for free. Six games are already available and 500+ more from our extensive catalog are on the way:

Champions of Midgard 

A hit worker placement game about Viking clans waging war against mythological Norse beasts by Grey Fox Games

The Shipwreck Arcana 

Very clever cooperative deduction game by Meromorph Games


Hansa Teutonica 

One of the best competitive eurogames by Argentum Verlag

Sub Terra 

Cooperative survival horror board game by Inside the Box

Burgle Bros 

Cooperative stealth game about daring robbery by Fowers Games

Mint Works 

Light worker placement game of planning a city’s industry by Five24 Labs


Right now we’re porting games best for the Pass & Play mode already featured on Tabletopia Mobile. These include games with no hidden information and smaller setups due to screen size limitations compared to PC. Later the Online Multiplayer mode will be added, as well as support of Android tablets.


With Tabletopia Mobile, publishers and game authors will be able to create mobile versions of their games in Workshop (Pro Subscription required) and playtest or demonstrate them on tablets. Stand alone apps featured in iOS and Android stores will also be supported with time. You can learn more about it here.

Your feedback is very important to us! Feel free to contact us (at info@tabletopia.com) with any comments after you give Tabletopia Mobile a try.

Tabletopia Team

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