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25 Feb 2023

Old Mages battle it out to be the new High Wizard!

Announcing Old Mage

Welcome to Old Mage, the Spell Blasting Adventure game of Arcane Domination!



Explore ancient ruins, battle fierce monsters, invoke mighty spells and unleash powerful relics as you compete for the High Wizard’s throne. Terrible monsters and treacherous hazards await - yet none quite so terrible, nor so treacherous - as your arcane rivals!



Claim victory in one of two ways: Find the Master Orb and deliver it to a Mage Tower across the Great River ... or Destroy your foes with spell, steel and guile! But beware, Old Mages do not die quietly; they become Haunts that plague the living, or return as Undead Liches!


Old Mage Componenets


Is your sorcery strong enough, Old Mage?


Old Mage on Tabletopia


Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!


Old Mage Tabletopia banner

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