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04 Jun 2020

Tabletopia hits 1,000 games and 1 million users

We are proud to announce that Tabletopia now has 1,000 games and more than 1,000,000 registered users!

As you might have noticed since March, Tabletopia became more popular than ever due to the self-isolation that makes it impossible to play board games offline. Two times we were upgrading our infrastructure and twice we were doubling the servers that are processing games for players and rendering games for designers. It all helped keep Tabletopia in good shape and handle the increased number of users, even with our free basic level of subscription.

All this hard work - with the help of our amazing boardgaming community that was spreading the word about digital board games - helped us to achieve two major milestones in Tabletopia history. Each tweet, facebook post, livestream, video or blog article helped us to get here. We are proud to announce that Tabletopia has now 1,000 games and 1,000,000 registered users! And 555,000 from this 1 million were registered during the last three months! By the way, game number 1,000 is Roll Player Adventures!


We are now adding dozens of new games each week, we run live streams on Twitch, and you will see us partnering with all major online boardgaming events this year. And it’s possible because of your interest and passion that can't be stopped by self-isolation. We believe that you should be able to play with your family and friends offline and online, and we are trying to cover your back with the second one!

Thank you for all your support and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for our biggest year yet!


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