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01 Sep 2023

New games in Tabletopia mobile app!

Announcing recent updates

We often receive questions and requests about some popular games lacking in the Tabletopia mobile app (available on both Android and iOS). Although not all the games are well playable at a small screen without a mouse, we constantly put effort into adding more and more games there. Over the recent months following games became available for the mobile:

Pier 18
Carcassonne Amazonas
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Stay Away!
Evolution New World
Skytear Horde
Relick JCI
Red Rising
All Time Wrestling
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
War Chest
Dragon Dice
One Card Dungeon


Please contact us via info@tabletopia.com and tell which game you would like to have in the mobile app - we will try our best to add it. And do not forget that you nevertheless get the best experience from our free Steam app!

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